Thyme Traveling Assimilator

1 oz. Romulan Ale Rye
½ oz. Andorian Blue Wine
¼ oz. Kanar Red Wine
1 oz. Fresh Lemon Juice
1 ¼ oz. Thyme & Honey Syrup

Glassware: Double Wide Rocks

Garnish: BORG Ice Cube with a Thyme Sprig

Backstory: The BORG are a race of cybernetic beings that
work as one hive mind controlled by their Queen. They take the best of every race and assimilate them into their collective. The Thyme Traveling Assimilator cocktail is a mix of the best wines and liquors from the Star Trek universe. A blend of Romulan Rye, Andorian Blue, Cardassian Kanar and Queen Bee Honey infused with Thyme…

Resistance is Futile!!

Drink Responsibly