Star Trek Spirits

Embark on a voyage of exploration! Star Trek Spirits is creative alliance between CBS and Wines That Rock. Our Mission is bringing a unique and immersive experience for Star Trek fans and spirit enthusiasts through our custom designed, limited edition releases. Star Trek Spirts pays homage to the legendary characters, pivotal moments, and memorable episodes of the entire Star Trek Universe. Our passion lies in creating bespoke beverages that are not only collectibles but also a testament to the spirit of exploration and discovery at the heart of Star Trek.

The Captain's Table

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As we set course for the uncharted regions of The Captain’s Table, Batch #4 beams aboard an illustrious 100% Malted Rye. Sensors detect pastel candy, baked cookies, citrus peel, and brown sugar on the nose. Initiating tasting protocols, we engage with toasted grains, marzipan, pecans, tobacco, leather, and spice, endowing the Rye with a rich & complex essence. The journey’s end unveils a smooth, enduring finish.

Astoundingly smooth, it imprints an enduring mark upon the taste receptors. Stowed in new American oak (Quercus Alba, charred to the third degree) from Kentucky, with additional time in aged Cognac barrels, and finally in aged Grand Premier Cru Sauternes barrels. This whiskey achieves a harmonious equilibrium at 86 proof.

Romulan Ale Vodka

What was illegal in the Federation is now available

Distilled from premium Midwest grain, Romulan Ale Vodka was distilled four times in a stainless steel still, to 192 proof to ensure a clean distillation of only the heart of the vodka then cut to 80 proof for bottling. A hint of corn sweetness with the higher notes from a plump smell of good wheat grain. Our Romulan Ale Vodka has a fantastic electric blue appearance. On swirling, it leaves a phenomenal blue coat on the inside of the glass with long thin legs.

Romulan Ale Rye Whiskey


We started with ultra-premium Rye Whiskey. It is a mash bill of 95% Rye and 5% Malted Barley, giving a sweetness and flavor complexity after aging in newly charred White Oak Barrels. After aging for 2+ years just across the Ohio River from Kentucky, it was ready for bottling. But we took it a step further with a second distilling process, creating an ultra-smooth finish.  We opted for a rare and technologically advanced vacuum distillation process, which creates lower temperatures, enhancing both flavor and aromatics.

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