The Captain's Table

BATCH #4: 100% Malted Rye

Embark on a voyage of exploration with our small batch, limited edition spirits series

There are only 200 bottles of Batch #4 available. Bottles will ship in May 2024. 1 bottle per household. The cost to acquire one bottle of The Captain’s Table Batch #4 is $347.

If you are selected you’re committing to order one bottle of The Captain’s Table Batch #4. Customers will be notified in May 2024.

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In the Star Trek Universe, The Captain’s Table is a fabled interdimensional tavern exclusively open to ship captains. Existing beyond our known space-time, it’s where captains from different realities share their tales, find camaraderie, and seek answers to their most profound questions.

Batch #4: $347

SIGN UP FOR BATCH #4: 100% Malted Rye

As we set course for the uncharted regions of The Captain’s Table, Batch #4 beams aboard an illustrious 100% Malted Rye. Sensors detect pastel candy, baked cookies, citrus peel, and brown sugar on the nose. Initiating tasting protocols, we engage with toasted grains, marzipan, pecans, tobacco, leather, and spice, endowing the Rye with a rich & complex essence. The journey’s end unveils a smooth, enduring finish.

Astoundingly smooth, it imprints an enduring mark upon the taste receptors. Stowed in new American oak (Quercus Alba, charred to the third degree) from Kentucky, with additional time in aged Cognac barrels, and finally in aged Grand Premier Cru Sauternes barrels. This whiskey achieves a harmonious equilibrium at 86 proof.

Captain's Table Review

The Whiskey Tangent explores Batch #1 of the Captain’s Table. Access the link below to engage with Ed & Scott’s analysis.

The Octagon

Display Your Captain's Table with Pride

We present to you The Octagon an elegant, jet-black collector’s box designed specifically to house your Captain’s Table bottle. It features twin hinged doors that swing open to reveal the bottle. The Octagon is the epitome of elegant design and masterful craftsmanship. The box springs to life with a built-in light base, casting a glow on the bottle and making it the centerpiece of any room or bar.

The Octagon is not just a container. It’s a stage for your Captain’s Table, a sophisticated display that illuminates its excellence and mirrors the stellar mystique of the Star Trek Universe. Experience the thrill of unboxing with The Octagon, where form meets function, and elegance meets the extraordinary.

The Medallion

Your Exclusive Passport

Every bottle of The Captain’s Table, comes with a special bar topper containing a unique collectable coin, a medallion, that serves as a key to the world of The Captain’s Table, and it’s privileges.

In the same way the saucer of the USS Enterprise-D was detachable, the top of The Captain’s Table topper contains a removable metal medallion, a collectable coin for all members of The Captains Table. 

This medallion grants its owner exclusive benefits such as private tastings and virtual distillery events. As we are releasing only 200 bottles of Batch #4, this medallion truly raises the bar for Star Trek Spirits exclusivity.

Join us on this adventure as we journey through the stars, one glass at a time. This is more than just a whiskey; it’s a passionate homage to the spirit of exploration and discovery at the heart of Star Trek. Here’s to the captains, the journeys yet to come, and the timeless tales spun around The Captain’s Table.

“Live Long and Prosper”