Romulan Ale Rye Whiskey

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The Rye Whiskey used in Romulan Ale Rye was designed from start to finish to be exceptional. Its roots are deep in history and technology. We started with ultra-premium rye whiskey. It is a mash bill of 95% rye and 5% Malted Barley, which gives it a sweetness and flavor complexity after aging in newly charred White Oak Barrels. Next, we utilized a 150-year-old yeast strain, used in some extraordinary and well-known Rye whiskeys. After aging for 2+ years just across the Ohio River from Kentucky, it was ready for bottling.

But we took it a step further with second distilling process, creating an ultra-smooth finish, even at a very high bottle proof. In collaboration with a world-renowned food scientist, we opted for a rare and technologically advanced vacuum distillation process. Distillation under vacuum creates lower temperatures, enhancing both flavor and aromatics. We’d like to think that distillation in the future would also be done in similar low-pressure environments. As it turns out, distillation in a vacuum happens to make great whiskey!

The Rye graininess is apparent in the nose and initial taste on the tongue. Then comes that sweet brown note of vanilla creaminess and sweetness. It has the spicy peppery notes that all high rye whiskeys are known for in the finish, but ours is muted with dried fig, raisin and cherry fruitiness.

From concept to cork, bringing this classic part of Star Trek history alive has been an amazing journey. We hope you enjoy the end results as much as we enjoyed putting it all together. Live Long and Prosper.

The Team at Star Trek Spirits